Virtual events, 2020

Folk dancer:

Vasile Avramenko

August, 2020

This immigrant from Stebliv brought 

Ukrainian dance to New York in 1929.
Yara’s Virlana Tkacz tells his story, and talks to archivist Mike Andrec about recordings used in his dance classes and Yuri Shevchuk about Avramenko's hand in the first Ukrainian talking pictures. program & press release

Bandurist: Zinoviy Shtokalko

July, 2020

This immigrant from Berezhany brought the Ukrainian epic song tradition to New York in the 1950s and developed it in the1960’s. Yara’s Virlana Tkacz tells his story, while Julian Kytasty,a master bandurist, shares Shtokalko's recordings and plays work influenced by him.

program & press release

Oleh Lysheha

June, 2020

Yara Arts Group has created several theatre pieces based on poetry by Oleh Lysheha, including: “Swan” (2003). Director Virlana Tkacz talks with participants and shows video clips.
program & press release

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