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Virtual events

Virtual events


Hutsul Honey 

Ivan Zelenchuk of Kryvorivnia, a legendary village in the Carpathians, is a traditional beekeeper. He shares his secrets with us.

Video by Maria Zelenchuk Dosiak



June 2021

Virtual Forest Song

Yara's Virtual Theatre performance of Lesia Ukrainka's verse play from 1911



hutsul cheese horses-poster.jpg

May 2021

Hutsul Cheese Horses

Maria Zelenchuk of Kryvorivnia shares how she makes horses from cheese. 





Poetry in Performance

One actor. One poem. Yara actors read  our English translations of poetry by: Taras Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainka, Pavlo Tychyna, Oksana Zabuzhko, Attila Mohylny, Victoria Stakh, Serhiy Zhadan, Kateryna Babkina


3 Kurbas Arsenal.jpg

February, 2022 - Three part series

Les Kurbas

On Yara's exhibitions about theatre director Les Kurbas:


Kurbas: New Worlds  

program | video

Kurbas in Kharkiv  program | video

Kurbas in Kyiv       program | video

These events are in Ukrainian

Kytasty Series poster.jpg

Fall, 2022 - Four part series

Julian Kytasty

On a master bandura player

Kytasty Family   program | video
Bandura in the Diasporas 

program | video

Reexamining the Tradition 

program | video
Yara Arts Group   program | video


December 2022

Hutsul Keptar Jackets

Maria Zelenchuk Dosiak shares how she makes traditional keptar jackets.



Ukrainian Culture in America

October, 2021

Andrea Odezynska, born in Philadelphia, has directed award-winning independent films. 



March 2021_07c.jpg

Yara's Forest Songs 

February - March, 2021

Fire Water Night (2013)   program | press release | video          

Yara's Forest Song (1994)

  program | press release | video

Yara's Forest Song (1993) 

  program | press release | video

Virtual Forest Song (2021) video

Phila poster4.jpg

Ukrainian Culture in America Series

Summer, 2020

Pawlo Humeniuk, folk fiddler 1920s

program | video link

Vasile Avramenko, dancer 1930s   

program | video link

Zinoviy Shtokalko, bandurist 1950s

program | video link

Oleh Lysheha, poet 1990s 

program | video link


Ukrainian Culture in America

October, 2021

Tanya Vovk, bandura player from Minnesota, shares her story and music with director Virlana Tkacz. Master bandura player Julian Kytasty and Alina Kuzma join the discussion.


Er Toshtuk poster4_02_.jpg

Yara's Theatre Project


Yara, Kyrgyz and Ukrainian artists, tell how Yara shows were created of poetry.

Kyrgyz Epic Er Toshtuk  video

Oleg Lysheha's Swan      video

Oleg Lysheha's Raven     video


Yara's World Epic Festival

Winter, 2020

Ukrainian Duma  program video link

Kyrgyz Epic Songs                                           program | video link

Finnish Kalevala  program | video link

African American Songs                                           program video link

Buryat Epic Songs

                      program | video link

slide 4 Zhadan 2021 - 3 events poster.jpg

Zhadan & Friends 2021


April, 2021

Serhiy Zhadan, Ukraine acclaimed poet, reads with Yara artists & friends 

Poetry    program & video

Prose     program & video

Jazz      program & video 


Shtokalko Series

September, 2020

Zinoviy Shtokalko, epic songs 

  program | video link

Zinoviy Shtokalko, epic modernist        program | video link

Zinoviy Shtokalko, singer of tales          program | video link

Zinoviy Shtokalko, instrumental music    video link

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