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Yara’s Theatre Projects: Virtual

Yara Arts Group from La MaMa Experimental Theatre in New York present a series of virtual events on some of the theatre peices it created based on poetry. Oleh Lysheha's poem "Swan" was used in a seveeral theatre piece from 1996 and ending in 2003, "Er Toshtuk" was based on a Kyrgyz epic poem and in 2011 Yara created "Raven" based on Oleh Lysheha's poem with the same title. Yara Also created a series of Winter Shows at La MaMa from 2008 to 2019 based on witner songs from the Carpathians and a nativity puppet script.

Virtual event on Oleh Lysheha's "Swan"              program | video - virtual event

Virtual event "Er Toshtuk" based on Kyrgyz epic    program | video - virtual event

Virtual event on Oleh Lysheha's "Raven"              program | video - virtual event

Virtual event on Winter Shows at La Mama        program | video - virtual event

"Swan" at LaMaMa                  photos & video

"Er Toshtuk" at LaMama              photos & video

"Raven" at La MaMa                 photos &  video

Koliada Winter Shows at LaMaMa:

          "Still the River Flows"       photos & video

          "Winter Sun"                 photos & video

          "Midwitner Night"          photos & video

          "Winter Light"                photos & video

          "Winter Songs on Mars" photos & video

The new virtual series starts in June with Yara’s Theatre Projects: “Swan.” This virtual event included an introduction to Oleh Lysheha's work. Then Virlana Tkacz talked about her translation with WAnda Phipps Then they were joined by actress Cecilia Arana, who sang part of the poem in "Virtual Souls," and Meredith Wright, who sang other sections in "Flight of the White Bird." Then  actors Andrew Colteaux and Soomi Kim and composer Paul Brantley who appeared in Yara's "Swan" at La MaMa joined, as we looked at photos, watched video clips and discussed the making of these shows.

“Yara’s Theatre Projects ” virtual events are all free and can be viewed at an time on They are made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Self-Reliance (NY) FCU and friends of Yara Arts Group.

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