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English to Ukrainian


Oksana Batiuk, who lives near Kiev, and Virlana Tkacz, who lives in New York, have been collaborating on translations of poetry into Ukrainian since they first met working on Yara's Forest Song in 1993. Their translations have also been part of Yara's productions Waterfall/Reflections and Virtual Souls.

Published Translations into Ukrainian in Journals
translated by Oksana Batiuk and Virlana Tkacz

Bayir Rinchinov’s Shaman Chant to His Ritual Objects Kurier Kryvbasu (Kryvorih) April 2003 

Kurier Kryvbasu (Kryvorih) June 2000 
Denise Levertov's "Spring in the Lowlands," David Wagoner's "Lost," Wanda Phipps' "Eight Hour," Thomas McGrath's "The Return," Barbara Henning's "The Grasshoppers Flee, Stripping All Vegetation," Ray A. Young Bear's "The Reason Why I Am Afraid, Even Though I am a Fisherman" and Sayan Zhambalov's "My Eyes Are the Glimmering Waters" and "Light of Heavens" 

Svito-vyd (Kiev) No. 1-2, 1997 
Svito-vyd (Kiev) No. 4, 1996 
6 poems from the Japanese, including: Buson, Bunya, Shiko, Soseki and Izumi Shikibu 
Mary Oliver's "Rain," "Sleeping in the Forest," "Last Days" and "Crossing the Swamp" 
Svito-vyd (No. 2 1995)

Ts'ai Yen from "18 Verses Sung to a Tatar Reed Whistle" 

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