Workers prepare a futuristic gas, the only source of energy for the entire industrial world. They refuse to see a looming problem. Will there be anything left to reconstruct?




The epic journey in search of a home of the last speakers of Old Swedish who today live in a village in Southern Ukraine.

Following the
Milky Way 


Dreams of Donetsk, Poetry of Serhiy Zhadan and the War in Ukraine


Hitting Bedrock


Donbas Dreams Past, Present & Future

Underground Dreams

DreamBridge 1893.jpg

Inspired by the poetry of Oleh Lysheha

Dream Bridge


Two young women travel from the countryside into the city, descending into the Great Below -- the modern global desert where traditional songs, skills and languages disappear.

Scythian Stones


Based on Japanese stories by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, including "Rashomon"

After the Rain

2005-Koliada Twelve Dishes.jpg

Forces of nature, animal spirits and the dead come to dinner

Koliada: Twelve Dishes


Songs from the midsummer night festival



2000-Song Tree1.jpg

Spirits of Malanka and the Goat Dance descend on a woman who has buried herself in work and science.

Song Tree

1996-Virtual Souls1.jpg

On the Internet someone opens a window into the past... Nature reveals its mythical secrets--swans transform into beautiful women. But can you copyright a dream? 

Virtual Souls


based on the life of blind poet Vasyl Yeroshenko, who traveled the world, settling in Japan 1914-21 and writing in Japanese.

Blind Sight


A world music theater event celebrating Koliada, a winter ritual of the Carpathian Mountains and an 18th century Ukrainian Nativity play, as well as winter songs from around our planet


Koliada on Mars


1917 there‘s great hope in Kyiv as the Russian Empire falls apart. But constant invasions lead to 12 changes in government in 3 years and society crumbles. 2017 there’s great hope…

1917-2017: Tychyna, Zhadan & the Dogs

smith-serbin2 - Copy.jpg

.In 1607 Captain John Smith founded Jamestown, the first English settlement in America, but in 1603 he was in Eastern Europe.

Capt. John Smith Goes to Ukraine


When Trees Move and Women Burn.
World Music Theatre Performance on the Move

Fire Water Night

2011 raven-lw.jpg

Exploring unknowable boundaries



A world music theatre piece based on Kyrgyz epic about a magical and darkly humorous journey into the Underworld and out into the Cosmos.

Er Toshtuk

2007- janyl-lm-mm janyl shootin.jpg

The story of a woman warrior from the Celestial Mountains based on a Kyrgyz epic


2004-Warrior's Sister.jpg

World music theatre piece based on an ancient Buryat epic song. Sister of a legendary warrior puts on his armour when he is killed.


The Warrior's Sister


World music theatre piece based on Siberian wolf legends.



Siberian legends, shaman chants and post-Soviet reality intermingle in a wedding in Buryatia when Gogol Bordello arrives to make sure everything goes wrong



1995 Water-nina-Brazil-af.jpg

Dreams and memories of water and the women who created art throughout the ages


documentary material from the Chornobyl nuclear accident, German expressionist drama and Ukrainian poetry



David Burliuk is slapped by a Scythian Ice Princess. The obvious result:
Futurism in Siberia, Japan and New York.



2 _PT89604.jpg

In 1858 the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko was set free after 10 years imprisonment. He met the great African American actor Ira Aldridge and drew his portrait.

Dark Night,
Bright Stars


World music theatre piece based on winter songs from the Carpathian Mountains an 18th century nativity show and the crisis in Ukraine today.


Winter Light


Sacred and Profane Rituals. World Music Theatre with Winter Song Singers from the Carpathians. Baroque Folk Nativity Opera and raucous Goat Songs

Midwinter Night


Theatrical Celebration of Winter Songs from the Carpathian Mountains with an 18th century nativity show, puppets, music, ritual food and videos

Winter Sun


Celebration of Winter Rituals from the Carpathian Mountains

Still the River Flows

2006-sundown-shadow (2).jpg

Theatrical reflection on the life and work of the father of Japanese photography.



Musical theatre piece based on poetry by Oleh Lysheha. Discovering the mythical in the everyday.




world music theatre piece based on shaman initiation rituals  the artists witnessed in Siberia

Obo: Our Shamanism


An American in Siberia today finds herself in the footsteps of a Buryat Mongolian princess. Their worlds entwine, as a Shaman, at the height of his trance, leaves his body and takes flight.

Flight of the
White Bird

1994-Yara's Forest Song.jpg

Exploring the shifting boundaries between wilderness and civilization, based on a classic of Ukrainian literature, "Forest Song. " 

Yara's Forest Song

1991-In the Light.GIF

the diaries of Les Kurbas, an experimental theatre director in Kiev in the 1920s, modern poetry and the dreams of the Yara artists

Light from the East


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