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When Trees Move and Women Burn 
World Music Theatre Performance on the Move by Yara Arts Group 

director: Virlana Tkacz
music: Alla Zagaykevych & Lemon Bucket Orkestra
movement: Shigeko Suga, lights: by Jeff Nash
projections: Mikhail Shraga & Waldemart Klyuzko,
with Vivian Strosberg, sound: Tim Schellenbaum
set: Yevhen Kopiov & Stephan Moravski
costumes: Keiko Obremski & Alexandra Baczynskyj
fragments of "Forest Song" by Lesya Ukrainka, 
as translated by Virlana Tkacz & Wanda Phipps,
plus spring & midsummer night songs

with Alexandra Baczynskyj, Yarko Dobriansky,
Stanislav Golopatyuk, Tamar Ilana, Kewpie, Jenny Leona,
J Molière, Matt Nasser, Masha Pruss, TJ Sclafani,
Romana Soutus, Shigeko Suga & Jeremy Tardy
Lemon Bucket Orkestra: Mark Marczyk, Tangi Ropars, Jaash Singh
singers: Marina Celander, Julia Dobner-Pereira, Brian Dolphin,
Allison Hiroto, Samantha Posey & Shelly Thomas

Fire Water Night La MaMa - June 7-16, 2013 | program
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nominated for two NY Innovative Theatre Awards 
as best musical and best original music


Creative use of space…. marvelous singing, unison singing or simple melodies with a droning undercurrent of harmony. Sometimes the actors speak and clap in unison. This is a tradition of strong, bold vocal work… Fire. Water. Night.  is terrific.

Steve Capra New York Critic


I was exhilarated by the effort that went into this raw performance.

William Gutierrez, New York Theatre Wire


Ms. Tkacz has developed a magnificent new work that reaches through time with traditional village songs and looks into the future through environmental issues, all intricately interwoven in a love story. Jenny Leona, as "Sylph," brilliantly portrayed the full range of emotions. Jeremy Tardy, gave a very convincing performance as the confused young man. Alla Zagaykevych, the sound artist from Kyiv, added extraordinary aural atmospheres throughout the performance by creating thoughtful combinations of traditional and synthesized sounds. The setting of the Kupalo festivities was a masterpiece of stagecraft. The projections by Mikhail Shraga and Volodymyr Klyuzko created a bonfire whose flames licked around the stage. Songs performed by the women and others sung with the men brought this festival of the summer solstice to full effect. With the singers behind translucent screens and then moving in and out of lit areas, it was as if flames lit the faces of persons standing around the fire.

Ihor Slabicky Ukrainian Weekly July 14, 2013

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