Koliada 2020
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Winter Songs on Mars

Songs, Music and Rituals from the Carpathians,

a Baroque Folk Nativity Play and a dream about Aelita Queen of Mars

Photos from La MaMa

Video from La MaMa


Winter Light

World music theatre piece based on winter songs from the Carpathian Mountains an 18th century nativity show and the crisis in Ukraine today.

Photos from La MaMa

Refuge and Koliada scene video



Still the River Flows

Celebration of Winter Rituals with Tafiychuk and Zelenchuk families from the Carpathians; Shepko and Pavlosky families from New York,

and Yara artists from around the world.

2020 look at photos from La MaMa show

Tafiychuk video 


Koliadnyky &

Kurbas Exhibitions

Winter Songs and Music from the Carpathians,

at Theatre Museum in Kyiv photos

"Kurbas in Kharkiv" photos

and "Kurbas New Worlds" at Arsenal photos

Theatre Museum & the Avant-garde photos

Workshop at the US Embassy video


Midwinter Night

Sacred and Profane Rituals. World Music Theatre with Winter Song Singers from the Carpathians. Baroque Nativity Opera and raucous Goat Songs

Photos from La MaMa

Time  and Herod scene video 

Goat scene video

Toronto 2013 photos & video

2005-Koliada Twelve Dishes.jpg

Koliada: Twelve Dishes

Forces of nature, animal spirits and the dead come to dinner



& San Francisco

Winter Songs and Music from the Carpathians,

at UC Bereley

San Francisco 

and San Frankivsk

Photos from UC Berkeley

Greetings from San Frankivsk video


Winter Sun

Theatrical Celebration of Winter Songs from the Carpathian Mountains with an 18th century nativity show, puppets, music and ritual food.

Photos from La MaMa 

Photos from Ukrainian Institute

Koliada section video


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