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Kurbas: New Worlds (2018)

Oct 17 - Dec 2, 2018 at the Art Arsenal in Kyiv | photos | photos of related events

Les Kurbas was an innovative director who staged experimental theatre pieces in Kyiv and Kharkiv during the 1920s and transformed the idea of what theatre is. He created new worlds on stage that invited his audiences to see the various layers of the present, review the past and imagine a new future.


Kurbas: New Worlds was presented by the Art Arsenal, the Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema (Kyiv) and Yara Arts Group (New York)

Curators: Virlana Tkacz, Tetiana Rudenko and Waldemart Klyuzko

Kurbas: New Worlds -- Special Events Program


October 27-November 1 - Kurbas in Kharkiv

  October 27 Mayhill Fowler lecture on “Hello, This Is Radio 477!” and Anthony Coleman on American jazz roots the first Ukrainian musical with examples by a band of young musicians from Kharkiv







October 28 “Ukrainian Beau Monde of the 1920s” Presentation of book and Dialogue with Mayhill Fowler, Yaryna Tsymbal and Virlana Tkacz 

  November 1 “1920s and Ukraine’s Jazz Age” concert by Fima Chupakhin of improvised music inspired by Yuliy Meitus 






November 3 -4 - Kurbas and Kulish

  November 3 “Les Kurbas and Theatre in the 21st Century” lecture by Nelly Kornienko

  November 4 “Kurbas, Kulish and Kharkiv of the 1920s” presentation by Tetiana Pylypchuk and Yana Partola 

November 10-11 topic -Kurbas in Kyiv

  November 10 “Kyiv, Kurbas and Experimentation” media lectures by Lynn Garafola and Virlana Tkacz* 

  November 11 Opera “GAZ” inspired by Kurbas’s production, Nova Opera & Virlana Tkacz




November 17-18 - Kurbas 10X10

November 17 & 18 10 theatres presented 10 minutes on Kurbas’s work:


                                    Arabesque Theatre, Kharkiv director Svitlana Oleshko

                                    Young Theatre, Kyiv, director Natalia Syvzenko, choreographer Lida Soklakova

                                    Students of National University of Culture, director Ihor Matiiv (Podil Theatre

                                    Publicist Theatre, Kharkiv

                                    HlybynA, Workshop of the Living (Zhyvy) Theatre, Kyiv

                                    Bedlam Theatre, Kyiv director Anastasia Verveyko

                                    Performance artist Ivan Orlenko, Vinnytsia

                                    Platforma: Theatre Initiatives, Kharkiv

                                    Palvo Yurov, Kyiv

                                    Vsevolod Meyerhold Center, Odesa/Kherson


November 30-December 2 – Kurbas and the Hutsuls

  November 30 Koliadnyky: The Hutsul Koliada & Music from the Carpathians

  December 2 Koliadnyky: The Hutsul Koliada & Music from the Carpathians for Family Day


Related Events at other venues in Kyiv


October 26 “Les Kurbas and the New World – America” Mayhill Fowler, Virlana Tkacz, Tetiana Rudenko discussion: “New Directions in Ukrainian-North American Scholarship” at Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema


October 28 “Hello, This Is Radio 477!” Concert of improvised music by pianist Anthony Coleman on Ukraine’s first Jazz score with media introduction by Virlana Tkacz celebrating Fulbright Ukraine’s 25th Anniversary, at the Great Hall of the Kyiv Conservatory, Kyiv Ukraine


November 9 “Bronislava Nijinska Kyiv and Hollywood: Dance Revolution and its Aftermath lecture by Lynn Garafola at America House in Kyiv 


November 11 Nijinska/Kyiv: A Conversation with Lynn Garafola at Les Kurbas Theatre Center Kyiv*


November 30 Hutsul Koliada workshop in traditional winter songs and instruments at the US Embassy in Kyiv*

below: video of Mykola Shkaraban singing "Kharkiv, Kharkiv" shown at the exhibition as 

part of the "Hello, This Is Radio  477!" part

Video shot by Tania Mykhailyshyn D'Avignion

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